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Hello, I’m Ken Wilcox!

I’m spreading my passion and excitement for music, one lesson at a time!

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Spent Playing Guitar

I picked up my first guitar when I was 13, and I have not looked back since. My passion for music has only grown over the past two decades, and I’m excited to share it with you!

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Spent Teaching Guitar

Ever since I started playing as a teenager, I always loved teaching my friends how to play songs they had trouble with. I started teaching professionally 17 years ago, and it’s never felt like a job to me.

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Obtained in Music

I’ve devoted several years of my life towards achieving collegiate degrees in Music Theory, Performance, and Audio Engineering in order to solidify my foundations in music, and ultimately, to become a better teacher.

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My Youngest Student's Age

You’re never too young to start playing! My youngest student ever is an adorable 4 year old named Sara. I’ve worked with children and teenagers of all ages, and some with developmental disabilities as well.

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My Oldest Student's Age

You’re never too old to start playing! My oldest student is a 74 year old gentleman named Doug. He played guitar for many years in his youth before abandoning his guitar, but wanted to rekindle his passion for music.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I stand behind the quality of my work. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your lesson, it’s free!

“Great teacher for son with learning disability”

Guitar Hero! Ken is providing guitar lessons to my 12 year old son who struggles with learning and attention issues. He is a considerate and conscientious instructor with the patience of a saint. I also appreciate the schedule adjustments when needed.

This is the only after-school activity that my son is willing to pull away from the video games for. He actually looks forward to the lessons and is really learning how to play! Very cool. A significant part of that, is he likes Ken who he thinks is “cool”. Good job!

– Tammy S.

Learn to play what you want, how you want with our custom-tailored lessons

Learn Any Genre

From John Mayer to João Gilberto, Metallica to Maroon 5, the Beatles to Bruno Mars, play the songs you’ve always dreamed of playing. I’m well-versed in all genres of guitar so I can help you master any type of song.

Master Music Theory

Understand the fundamental building blocks of music, from scales and modes, consonance and dissonance, melodies and harmonies, and more!


Learn how to jam on the fly! I’ll teach you creative ways to explore immediate musical composition through games, exercises, and jam sessions.

Refine Your Technique

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned veteran, I’ll help you build, refine, and expand your repertoire of guitar techniques.

“An inspiring teacher and well-versed in all things guitar!”

It’s inspiring to be in the presence of someone who’s spent decades of his life perfecting his craft – I’m constantly blown away by his vast knowledge of guitar every single time I sit down with him. By my first lesson, I was already tackling songs that I’ve always considered impossible to play. He’s always able to precisely articulate how I can improve and encourage me in a way that nurtures my appreciation for music and that motivates me to keep practicing. Not to mention, Ken is a great guy and incredibly fun to hang out with!

– Randy L.

Master a wide variety of styles

Learn to play all of the genres and songs you’ve always dreamed of playing!

“My 5 year-old daughter loves his jovial approach”

Ken is an awesome teacher and an great person. He teaches my 5 year-old daughter and she loves his lessons and his jovial approach. Within 4 weeks, she has picked up a lot of things and is improving day by day. He is patient as you ought to be with the kids and yet persistent enough to stick to the task.

I am really looking forward to them picking up songs in the coming lessons. I will recommend him anytime and completely vouch for his credentials and ability as an excellent guitarist as well as teacher.

– Rahul S.

Learn in a safe space, online or face-to-face

Your lessons either take place in my quaint home studio, or over video chat. My home is your home!

Feel free to use my equipment or record your own songs during your lesson! My studio is equipped with 7 different guitars, microphones, amplifiers, mixing equipment, and more.

“I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for my son!”

Ken really gets along with my son. He knows how to teach him just right, he’s very personable. He takes it very seriously, but also makes it fun for the kids to learn.

He’s a really personable guy, down to earth, and easy to talk to. Professionally, his knowledge of music is second to none. It’s just amazing what he knows at a young age. I recommend Ken to everybody. If you wanna play guitar, he’s definitely the guy. His knowledge of music is just uncomparable. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher.

– Victor B.

Invest in your passion

I highly recommend taking lessons weekly, in order to learn new material often and to give you ample time to practice.

Lesson Rates

30 minute lesson 45 minute lesson 60 minute lesson
1 lesson $55 per lesson $65 per lesson $75 per lesson
5 lessons $50 per lesson

$60 per lesson

$70 per lesson

10 lessons $45 per lesson

$55 per lesson

$65 per lesson

Your lessons aren’t merely focused on practicing skills and mechanics, but on developing a lasting passion for guitar. To me, nothing could be more rewarding!

I offer 24/7 lesson support, so you can call me anytime you need help or have questions about anything!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your lesson, it’s free!

Ask Me Anything!

I’d love to get to know you and answer any questions you have 🙂

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